When I hear the sounds and vocals of my favorite artist, Goldfrapp, it gets me in the mood to start dancing, singing and having a great time. This is my favorite band because they are from the U.K., each album they make have themes such as dark, glam rock, alternative and folktronica, and their songs are so catchy that you will know their lyrics without researching them. Goldfrapp is in the form of leader singer Alison Goldfrapp and instrumentalist William Gregory. They were form in 1999 and they are known as a electronica band. Thier debut album, Felt Mountain, got rave reviews for having themes of darkness, cabaret, cirque de freak, and quiet storm songs. Their 2nd and 3rd albums, Black Cherry and Supernature, made a superhit in the U.S. due to thier genre change from dark to glam rock and they made progress to win a grammy nomination for best electronic album.  In 2008, their latest album, Seventh Tree, made progress once again by switch genre to glam rock to folktronica. During their years of making albums, they been also producing remixes, commercials, and having spectacular performances with circus themes and wacky dances. This band is so extraordinary because they are the only band that I know that can change thier genres every time they make an album and they make great electronic music.


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