The Hermaphrodite Factor

A hermaphrodite is an animal or a plant that both have the sex organs of a male and a female. It is also a combination of miscellaneous elements. When it comes to hermaphrodites, they can play the role and function of a male and a female. Hermaphrodites are often considered in the intersex boundary and they are not capable to fit in the gender binary. In botany, a flower that has both staminate and ovule parts is considered a hermaphrodite. In the human race and the animal kingdom, the hermaphrodite contains the full reproductive function of the vagina but have the partial function of the penis. A hermaphrodite has the urethra of the male reproductive organ but not the testicles. Hermaphrodites are often compared to transgenders. Transgenders are a variety of individuals involving tendencies to change from their biological gender roles. In tabloids today, some celebrities are pigeon-holed as hermaphrodites because their androgynous looks and physical attributes. Lady Gaga and Caster Semenya are the center of the hermaphrodite factor because of Lady Gaga’s androgynous looks on stage and Caster Semenya’s physical features and her masculine attributes. In today’s society, hermaphrodites are known play cunning roles as a male or a female.


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