We Are Heroes

We Are Heroes are an all girl group of dancers. Hiroka “Hero” Mcrae, Riquel “Riqdiculous Licky” Olander, Mami Kanemitsu, Ali Iannucci, and Nichelle Thrower are known for their hip-hop background, popping and locking dance moves, and they all share a fierce feminine flair. These ladies are from the 4 corners of the world such as Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. They all live in Los Angeles, California and they are competing with 8 other dance crews in a show called America’s Best Dance Crew. Their message through the show is that they want to prove that a female crew with different races and ethnicities can be “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Week after week, they performed their hearts out and they always have great performances. During those weeks, however, they have suffered injuries such a head concoctions, broken back ligaments, and separate relationships with their families. But now they are the finalists of the show and they can be the first all-female group to win “America’s Best Dance Crew.” These group of girls are very determine and driven to dance and they want to prove to the world that females can hold their own in the hip-hop dance world.


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