Myths and Misconceptions in Public Relations

In the field of public relations, goodwill and interest are involved to help promote the relationship between an organization and the public. Public relations is also known to be the “social aid” for certain occupations based on communication skills and creativity. Lastly, public relations’ key ingredients to make an occupation more social are spins, slogans, and propaganda. Now which one of these 3 statements is false? If you got the last statement as your answer, then congratulations! Your grand prize for this game is a round way ticket to travel through the myths and misconceptions of public relations.

The last statement on public relations is utterly false. According to Guy Bergstrom, a contributing writer at, he stated that “Public relations pros avoid spin, slogans, and propaganda techniques” and “busy clients and journalists” are there to make life for PR pros simpler. And the giveaway clue was PROPAGANDA, meaning rumors or information that harms a person’s best interest. Other myths, such as PR is a free advertisement, males are dominating PR, printing is dead because of the Internet, and publicity is free and easy are the top misconceptions on how the career of public relations is functioning.

Since there are myths in PR, we ask ourselves why they exist. One reason why there are myths in PR is because of competition. A PR business’s mission is to become the number one attraction to the public. According to, by using myths such as “Facebook makes PR useless” and “PR won’t generate sales”, the PR businesses will do whatever it takes to blind side a beginner at PR into thinking that PR is “just a walk in the park” career. Another reason why they are myths in PR is because of the media. The media portray PR as more like a hobby than an actual career. Public relations is nothing more than a field that governs the body of other occupations based on codes of ethics. Overall, myths in PR exist due to competing one PR business to another and the media portraying public relations as a side project to other occupations. For more myths, misconceptions, and facts about PR, here are some useful links below.


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