I, Gary T. Barton Jr., hereby vow not to get involved or have any association with Twitter. Twitter is nothing more than a sin to today’s generation and it should be demolished like Justin Bieber’s career. If I ever hear the word “tweet” one more time, I shall protest and start a movement called Occupy Redemption! I had had it with Twitter for several reasons. First, Twitter is a social media that deal with only text. Let’s just stop right there. I don’t need a Twitter because I can easily text my relatives, friends, and acquaintances without dealing with the constant comments. Plus, my texts are unlimited and free. Second, the rise of the Twitter Wars. It’s baffling to me as to see why people battle over Twitter. For instance, if a celebrity, i.e. Kim Kardashian, creates a topic about gaudy shoes, a fan my tweet, “OMFG, those #guadyshoes are so f*****g gorgeous 🙂 !!!!” Another person might say otherwise and tweet, “Ugh, Kim, why r u wearing those ugly #guadyshoes?” Next thing you know, a Twitter War begins and no one ever knows when it stops. The last reason, and a really good reason, why I detest Twitter is because of people’s stupidity on commenting every little thing they do. We, mostly I, don’t want to know exactly what you do every 5 seconds. People, as of now, I hereby vow to start a new revolution and join the Occupy Redemption, where we can revive and gain sensibilities and lifestyles.


4 thoughts on “THE PROBLEM WITH TWITTER!!!”

  1. You have to look at the advantages Twitter has. Twitter has flattened the social hierarchy that we have in today’s society. We can now talk to our favorite celebrities, politicians, and CEOs without going through a “chain of command” and never allowing our voices to be heard. I will agree with you that the “what are you doing every second of your life” tweet does become rather annoying scrolling through your timeline and I think every tweet should have purpose. You only look at Twitter from a negative point of view, but take the time to look for the positives and once you do, then you can make a balanced argument.

    Skyler H.

  2. I am not over the top about twitter but it does have an advantage in some cases. I was the person without a twitter for a good minute which I did not care but then for some reason I took interest. (I nosy. 😦 ) People seem to tell too much of their business on there. And I am the type to sit back and watch it unravel. Look at it this way, it is like reading the Soap operas or some kind of reality show. It works in boring classes. But I do understand about the texting thing, why are you confided to 140 characters? I have yet to get that answer but I guess you go to facebook for it drama if you would like to see more. What can you say some people are just reckless about their personal life.

  3. hahaha this cracked me up! I’m not a tweeter by any means; it’s just something else I would have to keep up with. The only positive thing about twitter in my opinion, would to see what my favorite celebrities were up to and follow them.

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