Blogging Experience?

This semester in Public Relations I had to do 6 blog posts based on Public Relation criteria, information and theses. Now on my 7th post, I decided to be truthful about the experiences about blog posting. To be honest, this experience has not been interesting for me. I did learn that I can share my ideas and thoughts about PR and people can either relate or disagree on my posts, however, I don’t want to do this as a lifetime experience because I can get easily exhausted on writing a blog over a senseless or unexplainable situation. Plus, I would rather just film or record my ideas instead of writing them down on a blog because I’m used to doing things like that.

Since this blog is my last blog for Public Relations, I can easily say that this blogging experience was boring. As for anticipating on updating blogs on a regular basis, that would not occur because it’s not appealing to me and I can’t keep up with blogs. I would rather check on information from other sources such as Facebook, Rolling Stone Magazines, Youtube, Billboard, and Spin Magazine because they appeal to me and blogs doesn’t attract to me as much. All I can say is that I’m glad that this is my last post and I want to say that I’m glad it’s over because I’m ready to go beyond this point and start on doing things that appeal to me (Filming and Radio). Thanks WordPress for giving me an opportunity to say what I feel.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Experience?”

  1. Hey Gary, I see you really did not fancy the whole blogging experience for PR. Blogging about PR was a bit of a hassle but did help us to learn a new social media and how to use. Although, I believe blogging is something that if you do needs to be done right but something you can learn on your own time and not in a place of higher education. However, I believe most students didn’t enjoy blogging in our course due not blogging about what you wanted. (Yes, if you wanted to blog about a new pair of shoes on your PR blog you could have but we all know the posts would look discombobulated).

    Though you didn’t enjoy writing so much as you did with radio and film you can create a blog that pertains to that. And posts videos of yourself in the radio station, or out and about in town, etc.

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