Books VS. Movies

The questions for this week are, would you rather read the book, watch the movie, or both? Why? Which do you usually prefer? What, if anything, has been your favorite book to movie adaptation?

Books or Movies is the question. The answer is both. It’s great to see a concept that can be viewed by reading it or seeing it. It’s also great to see which concept is better whether it’s worth watching the movie based by a book or vice versa. For the people’s point of view, I recommend reading a book first. Why you ask? Well it’s best to visualize the plot and settings from a book through a person’s mind because it gives the reader a lingering sensation on how the story starts and ends from their imagination. With the book turning into a movie, it challenges the reader to see if their imagination is nearly the same as the film’s adaptation of the story’s plot and settings. The best book turn movie adaptation is The Help, the Harry Potter Series, and Drive. All these book that I read were such a pleasure to read and when I saw the movies, my heart fluttered with joy as each film got its same visualization as my imagination.


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