WARNING: This blog contains suggestive language. Reader’s Discretion is advised.

 O.K., so there are a few things I like to get off my chest and I hope one day you will understand how I feel. These are my pet peeves.

  •     I hate it when people talk to me behind my back. If you got something to say to me, say it to my face. It’s like a bad vibe I get when it comes to people’s f***ing immaturity.
  •      I hate it when comedians or people in general use topics about foul things such as feces or blood. LEAVE THAT SH*T ALONE!!! It’s disgusting and I cringed when they mention or talk about it.
  •      I hate it when someone’s behind me. Every time I walk somewhere, I have this gut feeling that someone’s behind me. In my mind, it makes me feel like they are pushing me because they think I’m at a slow place. Here’s some advice, GO AROUND ME BITCH!!!
  •     Lastly, I hate it when people ask me idiotic questions. Questions like, “Well if you’re black, then how come you listen to more pop and less hip-hop?” or “Do you get mad when one race is trying to act like your race” or “When will you get married?” Answers: I GOT GREAT TASTE OF MUSIC, I IGNORED THOSE WHO CAN’T FIND THEIR IDENTITY, AND I’LL GET MARRIED WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. Honestly, the sh*t people say can really make a black man go off to the edge.

  If your read this blog, please tell me your pet peeves so we can hate together.


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