Valeninte’s Day

This week’s topic of the week is in honor of Valentine’s Day. This day of romance has been celebrated for years and there are many theories as to how this day of love got its start. What are some of the best and worst gifts you have received on Valentine’s Day? When you receive something you don’t particularly like, do you let the giver know? If so, how?

From a public relations standpoint, if you worked for a greeting card company, florist or chocolate manufacturer, how would you persuade the public to buy from you rather than your competition?

I’ll be honest with everyone here on WordPress, I think Valentine’s Day is irrelevant. First of all, the only thing that I received as a gift from this day is a card and a few candies. They’re not the best nor the worst, but it’s just an ordinary gift. I believe that Valentine’s Day is pointless because it’s that one day when a person gives another person an expensive gift. I don’t see why I should care for this day because we (people) do this like every other month.

If I worked for a greeting card company, the best way for me to persuade others into buying my material is to be honest and sensuality. Every greeting card I read it’s the same damn thing, “I love you” or “Happy Birthday”. I want to make material that will send lovers into a place of everlasting euphoria pure happiness. Here’s an example:

“As you and I are one,

our stories just begun;

from the highest high to the lowest low,

our hearts will come undone.

Your precious smile,

it’s all worthwhile,

it brings us in close mile;

They way we touch,

We crave the hunch,

We want to last for awhile.”

OK, so my poetry is kind of heart-wrenching. I can’t help it. But if you get my point across, this material will get lovers buying my material and sales will skyrocket.


7 thoughts on “Valeninte’s Day”

  1. How would you beat out Hallmark or one of the other leading companies then? Come on, you’re Gare Bear, the master of soulful, selfless, and symbolic sensuality. You can do better than that man.

  2. I definitely understand how you feel when it comes to Valentines day! Sometimes I feel its just a way to spend money and people should show appreciation to their love ones everyday.

  3. Poetry will definitely capture the woman-appeal for your greeting cards! The “Aww’s” would surely play into that marketing perspective. Also, I feel like the women are going to be the main purchasers in the family unit because many families get cards and chocolates for their kids, too, and the moms are more likely to do those kinds of things for the kids. Question, though, would you do anything for the fellas?

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