This is the topic I’ve been waiting for my whole life! Hands down, I will have my own time machine at my place. I would totally go to the 1990s! Why? Oh please, don’t get me started! I’ll go back in time and have my own place where in the 90s houses were half the price than today’s prices. I love the abstract culture, the old inventions, the fads, and the love of the 90s. This brings tears to my eyes when I speak of my love of the 90s. But seriously, the reason why I want to go back to the 90s is because I want to meet Bill Clinton, Will Smith, and Beck, date one of the Spice Girls (Scary Spice), Janet Jackson and Fiona Apple, and mostly, live the care free life I want to live where MTV had music videos (24 hours on air), Pepsi drinks went crystal, CDs (and music) had meaning, cost of living was cheaper, and just the 90s culture making our generation cool. But if I had the opportunity to change small things in my era, such as saving the lives of Tupac and Biggie Smalls, then music wouldn’t be as crappy as today. I wouldn’t be worried about changing things at all because I believe that the future will hold good intentions if we make a change from the past and today.


One thought on “TIME TRAVELING”

  1. The 90s was a good era! I grew up in the 90s as well, and there were a lot of good times I had. I loved watching cartoons like Hey Arnold and other shows like the Fresh Prince once I got home from school! I like how things are now though… I mean technology has improved so many things. At the same time though, things were so much more simple in the 90s.

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