My Dream Job

My career dream job is to become a film director. It’s one of those occupations that you can be free and be visually creative of your film with art. This is my plan to fulfill my dream job:

  • Graduate from Georgia Southern University
  • Apply a Job as a local broadcast anchorman OR a run a job at a local radio station
  • Write scripts and apply to different film industries
  • Ask friends or colleagues who are familiar in the filming business
  • If booked or accepted, I will get accepted in a filming industry
  • Work my way up to become a film director after gaining knowledge about film.
  • Work on my first film with a crew, equipment, and advisors
  • After 6 months or a year of filming, my movie will be edited and finished
  • Lastly, if nominated for best picture and director for the Oscars, my dream has been fulfilled

But this is how I’m going to shine among all others wanting the same dream job:

  • Charisma
  • Drive
  • Dedication

What I am doing now to fulfill my dream job is to graduate from Georgia Southern University.


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