Hmmmm…it all comes down to this. Where do I begin? Well, the traveling part of Statesboro is nice. I’m a traveler by foot and I love to walk all around downtown Statesboro. Every Saturday morning and afternoon I always walk down the Bypass 301 Interstate just to do my daily routines: Go To Books-A-Million, walk across Wal-Mart, sometimes go to Good-Will (just to see some reasonable prices and values), go to the movies (when I’m rich on my paycheck), go to Blockbuster, TJ Maxx, and eat to one of my favorite restaurants (Chili’s, Hardees, Taco Bell, and sometimes the Pita Pit). The best part about traveling in Statesboro is just the peace, time, and happiness of one self and you get to explorer new things everyday from different people.

If someone who had never been to Statesboro were to come to town, I would take them to the Paulson Stadium. That’s where the “magic” happens. Enough said.


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