The Working Man

by Gary Barton

The working man will never be rich,
But the owner will always be.
He works all day and works all night,
While the owner gets his sleep.

The working man deals with pain,
While the owner deals with pleasure.
His body aches and his health is low,
But the owner’s relax beyond measure.

The working man strives for food,
While the owner owns the feast.
His mouth waters like a waterfall,
While the owner eats like a beast.

The working man needs some rest,
But the owner tells him no.
If he gets caught resting again,
The owner will let him go.

The working man has a family,
While the owner is all alone.
He has a lovely wife and three kids,
While the owner is on his own.
The working man is a happy man,
While the owner is in gloom.
He supports himself and gains new friends,
While the owner’s life is doomed.

The working man sees a man,
Falling on top of a building.
It’s the owner, lying on the ground,
Responsible for his own killing.

The working man is now the top man,
While the owner was quickly dethroned.
The top man tells the world his tip,
“You can never be happy when you are alone”



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