La Paix de Paris (The Paris Peace)

By Gary Barton
The City of Love
The City of Lights
The Magical Days
The Brightest of Nights

Nostalgic settings
With jovial times
Luxurious fares
With the finest wine

The accents, of course
The heart-melting sounds
No one can enforce

The joy of football
Artistic hours
And let’s not forget
The Eiffel Tower

Underneath the love
There is also peace
Where the noble men
And the women increase
No matter what breaks
No matter what falls
The city will stand
With love guiding all

With The Paris Peace
No one shall falter
Let the lights shine on
And nothing altered

So let the bells ring
Things will be better
For Paris is love
And peace is forever

(Peace to all 129 victims during the terrorist attacks in Paris, France (11/13/2015)


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