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Top 10 Albums of 2017 (Number 4)

Amber Coffman – “City of No Reply”


The former singer of the Dirty Projectors steps out of her own and creates one of the year’s diverse debut albums of 2017. Each track of No Reply has a taste of doo-wop, reggaeton, experimental, R&B and pop rock. Coffman puts everything in her debut: love, loss and learning how to let go and keep on moving.

Top Tracks – Brand New, City of No Reply, No Coffee


Top 10 Albums of 2016 (Number 4)

4.) Angel Olsen – “My Woman”


On her 3rd album, Olsen expanded herself musically and embraced change beautifully. It’s one of her poppiest and boldest albums to date. With her synth intro of “Intern”, to her back-to-basic rock tune “Shut Up Kiss Me”, her diversity and arrangements on “My Woman” makes Angel the “Stevie Nicks” of 2016.

Top Tracks – Intern, Those Were The Days, Shut Up Kiss Me

Top 10 Albums of 2015 (Number 4)

Natalie Prass – “Natalie Prass”

(Spacebomb Records)


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How can one create a debut album with such sophisticated concepts, an outstanding horn and string section and a voice so intimate and delicate your heart will melt into ecstasy? Simple. It’s all in Prass’s confidence in songwriting and her musical conscious like Dusty Springfield and Marvin Gaye. The 29-year-old Virginian native breaks out 9 heartfelt songs that will leave you wanting more with her upbeat tempos along with her downbeat meanings on heartbreak and love. From her Philly-esque soulfulness in “Your Fool” to a charming Disney princess chimes in “It Is You”, Natalie Prass’s debut is not at all retro, it’s timeless.

Top Tracks: Bird of Prey, It Is You, Your Fool, My Baby Don’t Understand Me