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Top 10 Albums of 2017 (Number 5)

The xx – “I See You”


“I’ve been a romantic for so long,” sings Romy as she and Oliver profess their emotions and let loose on their 3rd album. Because of Jamie xx’s debut album, I See You’s concept is based  on growth and being open to forward ideas. Thus, this gives the group one of their dance worthy albums to date.

Top Tracks – Lips, Dangerous, I Dare You, On Hold


Top 10 Albums of 2016 (Number 5)

5.) Beyonce – “Lemonade”


All hail the Queen B! And hot damn we were not ready for the slaying on her tangy yet refreshing “Lemonade”. Each track is literally full of flavors that characterize her personal life (marriage and family alike) as well as her perspective of female empowerment. And what’s really brilliant about this manifesto is that it’s Beyonce’s most artistic album to date and demands attention.

Top Tracks – Formation, Sorry, Hold Up, 6 Inch


Top 10 Albums of 2015 (Number 5)

Benjamin Clementine – “At Least For Now”

(Virgin EMI)


“At Least For Now” is a Cinderella story from Edmonton poet, singer-songwriter Benjamin Clementine. From his love of literature, poetry and music as well as misconceptions in school during his childhood, to his troubling teenage years as a vagabond traveling in Paris, to now one of London’s most promising artist; Clementine is the true underdog in not only music, but in life as well. His back story was the fuel to create an album full of originality, avant-garde piano arrangements, and a voice so distinctive it will make you whole spine shiver with desire. And as the winner of the 2015 Mercury Music Prize, Clementine has proven that he will become a renowned artist for years to come.

Top Tracks: Condolence, Adios, Then I Heard a Bachelor’s Cry, Nemesis