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Top 10 Albums of 2016 (Number 1)

1.) The Avalanches – “Wildflower”


16 years later, the Avalanches are back and they are more creative than ever. Focusing more on going to a psychedelic trip with hip hop beats and ranging on R&B and rare samples, the Avalanches’ “Wildflower” is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that shows that they never lost their edge and fun. The main reason why this is the album of 2016 is not only because of their great return, it’s really because they stay true to themselves and embrace absurdity in music in the most cunning and intricate way. Welcome back to music!

Top Tracks – Subways, Frankie Sinatra, Because I’m Me, Harmony, The Wozard of Iz


Top 10 Albums of 2015 (Number 7)

Tame Impala – “Currents”



The psychedelic rock group from Down Under took huge risks on creating their third studio album. Departing their signature guitar riffs and acid sounding productions, frontman Kevin Parker embraced the love of synthesizers with the echoes of a 80s Michael Jackson vocal aura. On “Currents”, the group embarked an intergalactic journey through the personal transformation of Parker, sound-wise and physically. Even though the genre is more dance-oriented than their previous albums; it’s Parker’s most opened and loneliest. Overall, “Currents” is the rocket ship to take Tame Impala’s music to the next level; filled with hypnotic melodies as well as acceptance in introvertism.

Top Tracks: Let It Happen, Yes, I’m Changing, The Moment; New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Top 10 Albums of 2015 (Number 9)

Courtney Barnett

“Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit”

(Mom + Pop Music)


The 28-year-old Aussie singer-songwriter from Melbourne brings on lyrical wits like Bob Dylan and a deadpan voice that is close to Liz Phair. But on her debut, she is all her with her brutal honesty and vivid storytelling. As each song depicts funny and confessional tones as well as stunning guitar riffs, “Sometimes I Sit and Think” puts Barnett on a “pedestal” as one of today’s sharpest and talented artist. Don’t believe me? “Give me all your money and I’ll make some origami, honey!” Just that lyric alone is how powerful her content is.

Top Tracks: Pedestrian At Best, Dead Fox, Depreston