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Top 10 Albums of 2017 (Number 9)

Slowdive – “Slowdive”


It has been 22 years since Slowdive released their 3rd album and their return is just as fresh as their music. They have evolved the dream-like sound of shoegazing and show that they are the real deal. Dive deep into this album and you’ll feel the atmospheric ranges as well as the legacy that they bestowed.

Top Tracks: Sugar For The Pill, Slomo


Top 10 Albums of 2016 (Number 1)

1.) The Avalanches – “Wildflower”


16 years later, the Avalanches are back and they are more creative than ever. Focusing more on going to a psychedelic trip with hip hop beats and ranging on R&B and rare samples, the Avalanches’ “Wildflower” is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that shows that they never lost their edge and fun. The main reason why this is the album of 2016 is not only because of their great return, it’s really because they stay true to themselves and embrace absurdity in music in the most cunning and intricate way. Welcome back to music!

Top Tracks – Subways, Frankie Sinatra, Because I’m Me, Harmony, The Wozard of Iz


By Gary Barton

Too ugly to strip
Too honest to steal
Too skinny to dip
Too lively to kill

Too happy to scowl
Too broken to fix
Too quiet to howl
Too perfect to mix

Too rare to obtain
Too stubborn to wait
Too much to contain
Too right to debate

Too bold to faint
Too shy to shout
Too tidy to taint
Too faithful to doubt

Too strong to falter
Too vile to attract
Too preserved to alter
Too strange to contact

Too bright to shade
Too precious to waste
Too enhanced to fade
Too tangy to taste

Too tough to suffer
Too steady to shake
Too open to cover
Too focused to break

All of these quotes
Are too true for me
These words I dote
So I can believe