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Top 10 Albums of 2017 (Number 8)

St. Vincent – “MASSEDUCTION”


Hot Damn! What can Annie not do? MASSEDUCTION is one of the cheekiest (pun intended) and honest albums from St. Vincent and the expectations are so unexpected. It’s safe to say that she’s the female David Bowie of our time and she’s so ahead of the game that she’s literally stomping it with her high heels.

Top Tracks: Pills, New York, Los Ageless


Top 10 Albums of 2016 (Number 4)

4.) Angel Olsen – “My Woman”


On her 3rd album, Olsen expanded herself musically and embraced change beautifully. It’s one of her poppiest and boldest albums to date. With her synth intro of “Intern”, to her back-to-basic rock tune “Shut Up Kiss Me”, her diversity and arrangements on “My Woman” makes Angel the “Stevie Nicks” of 2016.

Top Tracks – Intern, Those Were The Days, Shut Up Kiss Me

Top 10 Albums of 2015 (Number 6)

Alabama Shakes – “Sound and Color”



The sound is weird (in a beautiful and spacious way) and the color is beyond kaleidoscopic. Channeling the sounds from 60’s rock all the way to a funk n’ soul of the 70’s, Shakes developed a smoother and boarder palette that acknowledges their roots. And with the unforgettable voice of singer-songwriter Brittany Howard, “Sound and Color” is by far Alabama Shakes’ most creative album to date.


Top Track: Don’t Wanna Fight, Gimme All Your Love, Sound and Color, Over My Head